Sliding Invisible Grille

What is a sliding invisible grille and why is it popular?

A sliding invisible grille, is a type of invisible window grille, that slides horizontally along a track. This is also a common type of invisible window grill. The grilles are fixed upon the sliding window itself, and opens by sliding the window left and right, instead of opening the window.

Sliding invisible grilles, just like other forms of invisible window grills, provides a high level of security while maintaining a sleek and unobtrusive aesthetic. Sliding grilles are popular for both commercial and residential applications. They allow for ample security and prevents young children and pets such as cats from falling out, while complementing the architectural style of the property.

sliding invisible grille
sliding invisible grille
sliding invisible grille
sliding invisible grille

High quality, low prices.
Keeping our invisible grill price low

Here at Casa Creativa, our invisible grill price is kept low and affordable for the masses. However, we strictly do not compromise on quality! We use the highest grade of stainless steel cables. This ensures maximum security and peace of mind for you and your family.

Casa Creativa is proud to offer low prices on our invisible grilles. (also known as invisible window grills) Our grilles are made from high-quality materials and our manufacturing process is efficient and streamlined. We are able to offer such low prices because we sell our grilles directly to consumers, cutting out the middleman. When you purchase a Casa Creativa invisible grille, you can be confident that you are getting a quality product at an unbeatable price.


Our invisible grilles are suitable to be used in balcony

Invisible grilles are an excellent choice for use in balconies as they provide a high level of security without compromising on aesthetics. The grilles are fitted flush to the floor and ceiling depending on your balcony structure. (During our free on-site quotation, we will examine your balcony to see the most efficient way of installing the invisible balcony grill)

Our thin cables also makes them perfect this situation and other areas where you want to maintain a clear view, such as balconies.

The grilles are made from tough, durable stainless steel cables and and are designed to withstand heavy use. They are also weather-resistant, making them ideal for use in outdoor areas.

Invisible grilles are a great option if you are looking for security without sacrificing style.

BiFold Invisible Grille

BiFold Invisible Grille refers to a style of Openable Invisible Grille. This design of Invisible Grilles allows it to be opened the same way you would open a regular window without any limitations.

Openable invisible grilles are often a popular choice for homeowners who want to open the windows frequently in their home and is commonly used in apartments such as Condos, HDBs, Resale flats with the more common types of windows. And BiFold Invisible Grille are most commonly selected, for homes with windows that require access to the outside. This includes Air Con ledge, or the hanging poles for laundry

Here at Casa Creativa, we offer affordable invisible grilles for all home types. Such as Condo Invisible Grilles, HDB & new BTOs. We believe in long term relationships with all our customers, and our main source of enquiries come from word of mouth referrals from satisfied customers.

sliding invisible grille
sliding invisible grille
sliding invisible grille
sliding invisible grille

Offering one of the safest invisible grilles in Singapore, our Openable BiFold Invisible Grilles are made from 316 Stainless Steel, the highest grade of stainless steel available. Although we keep our pricing affordable, we only utilise the highest quality invisible grilles cables that have passed the most stringent of safety checks. For a peace of mind, we too offer up to 7 years warranty for all our grilles.

Our high-quality invisible grilles are recognised in the market for their incredibly long lifespan, and durability which allows them to withstand up to 189KG per cable. Our invisible grille cables are also resistant to natural weather such as rain and sunlight. Enjoy BiFold invisible grilles today that not only blends well with your home, but are thin and strong. Nearly invisible from afar, find out why are we Singapore's favourite invisible grille supplier today!

Enjoy high quality invisible grilles for Condos, HDBs and BTOs with affordable prices! Get a Free on-site quote today!

Casement Invisible Grille

Casement Invisible Grille can be opened at a 90-degree angle or greater. It lets an unhindered wind into your house while providing uninterrupted exterior views. Normally, Casement Invisible Grille are put on windows that require access to the exterior, such as the air conditioning compressor or the laundry. A practical version that enables quick cleaning and servicing of the air conditioning compressor, among other things. This grille also features extremely secure locking mechanisms. It comes with two grille configuration options:

Horizontal configuration – Invisible Grille are fixed from left to right.

Vertical configuration – Invisible Grille are fixed from top to bottom in a vertical arrangement.

Our Invisible Grille are made from thin yet high-quality wires. 316 Stainless Steel is the highest grade of stainless steel available.

sliding invisible grille
sliding invisible grille
sliding invisible grille
sliding invisible grille

Due to the high grade stainless steel cables, this is one of Singapore’s safest invisible grille. When it comes to the coating of the cable, our clients have the option of selecting between Nylon, Teflon, or Nano Coat. Despite this, Degrille offers one of the lowest rates for Invisible Grille in Singapore.

We provide high-quality invisible grille that are recognised for their incredibly long lifespan, ability to endure enormous weight and pressure, and strong resistance to natural rain and sunshine. Our invisible grille installers are likewise qualified and skilled, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship. The tiny wires provide the invisible grille with an almost transparent appearance, which naturally blends into the surroundings, providing unrestricted views from your window.

In addition, we provide up to  7-year warranty. Giving you a sense of security that your family is safe all while maintaining the aesthetics of your home.

What Makes Casa Creativa Singapore's #1 ?

Highly durable. Highest Grade of Stainless Steel Cables. Ensuring optimal safety for your family

Modern & beautiful designs, adding to the beauty of your home

Up to 7 Years warranty provided – so you can have a peace of mind

Certified and experienced installers

Affordable Prices. Get a free on-site quotation to find out! 



  • Thin Wires, allowing wider view
  • Easier to clean and maintain
  • Customisable gaps to prevent pets or young children from falling out
  • High Quality stainless steel cables
  • Lowest Priced Invisible Grille Singapore


Fee-Of-Charge & No Obligation